Learn how to install Neptune Software SAP Edition on the Nuve platform with this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Understanding the Nuve Platform

Nuve is an automation platform designed to simplify SAP infrastructure for developers. We use it to help our Neptune development team have access to their own SAP development environment.


By combining Nuve with AbapGit we can create isolated development environments and allow developers to work independently on our Neptune accelerators - at a very manageable cost.

Pre-requisites before you start

You will need to register (if you haven’t already) developer accounts for:

  • Docker hub - for using the SAP 1909 Developer image
  • Nuve Platform - we recommend using the Elite personal plan
  • SAP community network- for generating a license key for container
  • Neptune Software - for downloading Neptune SAP Add-on

This guide assumes that you have some SAP experience, if you need help the Nuve team are super responsive.

Create API key from Docker Hub

To install Neptune Software on the Nuve platform, you will need to create an API key from Docker Hub. This API key will grant you access to the necessary resources and repositories required for the installation process. To create an API key, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Docker Hub account and avigate to your account settings, select the 'Security' tab.

2. Create a new access token and assign the permission 'Public Repo Read-only'


3. Once the API key is created, make sure to copy and securely store it as it will be required during the installation process.


Creating new Instance on Nuve

Log into your Nuve account and create a new SAP instance by providing a relevant details, after a few minutes you system will be running:.


Your container will start to be created, all the relevant connection details are provided:


After the instance has been created, you can configure you SAPGui to connect using the parameters provided.  For those that run on a Mac, this is the connection information you can use (use your own IP address obviously):



And then you can log into your instance:


The SAP default password for DEVELOPER user is Htods70334

Download Neptune SAP Edition

You will need the installation files from Neptune, access the customer portal and download the instructions:


Download the transport files and installation guide:


Read and accept all the terms and conditions, and then unzip the downloaded file which contains the transports that need to be imported into the transport directory:


Install the transports

Now we need to configure the transport system of the developer edition,  Log into client 000 with SAP* (password Htods70334) and start transaction STMS. Go to Overview -> Systems and then select Distribute and Activate Configuration


We need to get the transports (K & R Files) that were download into the transport directory of the SAP system for importing. We use SAP transaction se37 (function builder) and test function module ARCHIVFILE_CLIENT_TO_SERVER to copy the download files into the transport directory.


Select the case-sensitive checkbox and copy the values as below. Note that the path below refers to where you saved the transport files on your local machine. Copy both the R & K files into their respective directories.




Now log into client 001 with DEVELOPER user (password Htods70334) and import the transports you just added: STMS > Overview > Imports. 

Select the A4H import queue by double clicking on it, Extras > Other Requests > Add
Enter NADK909666


Select the trasport and select import with the following options:


After a few minutes you should see the import complete with a return code of 4:


Complete post installation tasks

In the Neptune installation guide (that you downloaded from DXP portal) there are some post installation steps that need to be followed which include:

  • Enabling SICF Nodes
  • Installing SAP UI5 (via same transport mechanism)
  • Setting up locking and creating authorisation profiles.

License the ABAP system

Log into client 000 with user SAP* and Htods70334, run transaction SLICENSE. Copy the hardware key:


Get a license from minisap website, choosing the system A4H and your hardware key from step above. Install the license key using the same transaction.

Final steps

You now have a running Neptune SAP Edition, you should be able to run the SAP standard Fiori launchpad and access the Neptune Flight demo application!


Nuve platform does not have a suspend mode, so you need to make a backup of your system now as this is the mechanism that you use to work on the ABAP. Of course you save your development objects in AbapGit, but that is a topic for another time.


Happy building!

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