What is Velocity Made Good (VMG)?

"Velocity made good" is a sailing term that refers to the speed at which a boat progresses towards its destination. It considers not just the boat’s speed through the water, but also factors such as wind speed and direction, current, and other obstacles that may affect the boat’s progress.

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VMG Labs is not an IT strategy or offshore development team, but a trusted partner that can help your business increase productivity and differentiation. We see low-code as not just about saving development costs, but rather investing in future technology wisely.
We work with companies looking to exploit low-code / no-code solutions, who need a dev partner with deep ERP experience. Most of our developers have either a JDE or SAP development background and can provide salient advice on the best technology.
VMG Labs brings together business and software specialists who help our clients grow and expand their technology investments.
The culture at VMG Labs is supportive and we have a strong drive for excellence, in all our client and inter-personal relationships – we are always looking for great talent to join our team, please check out the latest job postings that are available on our LinkedIn Profile.

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